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Carly's Story

Apr 04

Well, wanted to update everyone on how Carly was doing. I know it’s been a while. We got the sad news on 03/20/17 that Carly’s osteosarcoma had metastasized, and there is a small spot on her lung that has grown. The first chemo pill, Chlorambucil, did not seem to be doing the trick, so once they had seen that it had grown, they gave us the option to try another chemo medication, Palladia, and although this was one more expensive, it was the better option versus surgery to remove the part of her lung that was affected. We did not want to put her through any more surgeries! You still cannot even tell that she has cancer. This dog amazes us every day. She is so full of life, playful, loving, and happy. We went to the vet and got her most recent blood work to see if she was doing okay on the WBC to continue the chemo, and she is, so we are going to continue this and we go back in a month to get chest Xray’s done and see how things looks. Looking back at her huge folder of paperwork, it’s amazing that she is almost 8 years old, had her amputation surgery 10/13/15, and is still doing amazing! The vet has told us many times she has beaten the odds by far, and we cannot be more thankful! If anyone has had any experience with Palladia, please share as I’m curious as to the different side effects! Thank you all again for continuing to follow Carly’s Story!

Until next time!
Carly Mia

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  1. jerry
    2:36 pm - 4-7-2017

    OH WOW! Other than the mets (I’m sorry!) this is really great news. I’m so glad the Palladia worked well for her. I believe that if she was going to get side effects she would have already. As far as I understand it, gastrointestinal issues are the major risk and if she’s already doing good then she probably won’t be bothered by it. YAAAY!

    I’m going to include a link to this in our Forums. People are always asking about Palladia and how dogs do on it. Please keep us posted OK? Give Carly a smooch for us.

  2. Anonymous
    8:13 pm - 4-4-2017

    Sorry to hear this sad news, but she sounds like a fighter and will hopefully respond well to the treatment

  3. linda8115
    12:51 pm - 4-4-2017

    So sorry to hear Carly has lung mets but sure sounds like she is still doing well in spite of them. Let’s hope they’re slow growing and the Palladia will keep them in check. It’s stunning how well she’s done. I remember you guys starting your journey just a month or so after us. She is really kicking butt big time. I’m so thrilled you guys are still going strong! Give that sweet girl a hug from me!

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