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Carly's Story

Apr 17

Today marks 1 year since Carly Mia went to the rainbow bridge. We still struggle greatly with her loss. We have gone through some things that only a cuddle from her could help. We still have Gracie B, who is Carly’s niece, but they are 2 totally different personalities, and we all know nothing can replace any one of your family. She endured so much, and it makes me proud to be her fur mama. We will see her someday, I know. I just wish it could be today. For all the other fur parents out there, don’t lose hope.  They are finding more and more answers throughout their research to beat Osteosarcoma and many other Canine Cancers.  Still sending prayers to all the families still caring for their Tripawds!

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  1. dougo1
    12:51 pm - 4-23-2018

    Very thoughtful of you to think of us just going through this battle.
    So sorry for your loss!

    We are 7 weeks post op and just had our 2nd chemo!!

  2. jerry
    1:30 pm - 4-19-2018

    How thoughtful and kind of you to think of other Tripawd parents out there when your heart is aching from such a bittersweet marker in time. Thank you for sharing such wise, hopeful words. Sweet Carly is no doubt proud of you.

    One year isn’t a long time really, when you’ve loved a dog so much. We totally get it.

    Sending lots of love your way, now and always.

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