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Carly's Story

Feb 02

Hello all! Thought I would update on our girl and see if anyone has had any similar situations. The last couple days, Carly has been very, very restless during the night.  Through the day, she has been following the family around, whichever member is there at the time. Very clingy and cuddly. I finally got her to lay down for a few hours and sleep, but it was out on the couch, with her face to mine, and I was petting her. She loves kisses and to know she is in contact with someone, which I love! What worries me is the fact that she might be suffering, and that is the one thing we do not want. Her body is going through so much, and I can’t even imagine how she is feeling. So, not sure if she is hurting, or if her tummy is bothering her, or if it is a medicine she is on. Her current regimen is Carprofen twice a day (it was once a day but we are going to start it twice a day to see if it helps), her Omeprazole twice a day (we have also recently increased this from 1 a day because we heard a lot of noise going on in her belly), and the chemo Chlorambucil every other day at 8 pm. We had a scare last week when she was getting rowdy with our other dog, and appeared to have twisted one of her back legs, but, she seems to have gotten better from that. There are times she will just jump up on the couch no problem and other times she will go slow like she is hurting. Cancer is so complicated, and this is the first actual encounter that I have ever had with it in an animal, so I just want to do the right thing. Has anyone had any restlessness at night with their pooches? What did you try that helped? Thank you for all the input!

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  1. benny55
    12:17 pm - 2-2-2017

    Love the visual of Carly getting some face to mug time on the couch! Such a sweetheart! 🙂

    A couple of things come to mind. Is the UTI cleared up? That is a side effect of metronomics and it sounds like she’s still on the metronomics, right? Certainly that has to clear up before she can continue and then must be monitored if she’s going to continue it.

    The other thing is the possibility of a strained muscle down the back or shoulder or leg. When she twisted her leg the other day, it also coukd mean she twisted her back muscle.

    Massage up and down her spine, all around her neck and shoulders, does she show any tenderness or tension?

    Go ahead and get the vet to check her out. You’ll want to see why the tummy is gurgling. Maybe she needs to be on a bland diet, Maybe the meds are irritating her tummy. I’m must “guessing” stuff, but a Vet can give you the reassurance you need! I guess she’s getting vloodwork with the metronomics???

    Eating, drinking, pooping, peeing??? Alert? Tail wags? If all that’s good, and based on what you’ve said, it doesn’t sound like she’s “suffering” on any massive scale at all!

    Let us know how she’s doing. And give that smoochable mug a big kiss for me!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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