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Carly's Story

Nov 02

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Well, we had our first chemo appointment today. It was a long day because they ran more blood work and also did X-ray’s of her lungs again to make sure they were following the right path of treatment. So…blood work came back great! Lungs were clear of metastases! Yeah Carly!! I know that this still does not mean it’s not there, but to me, I take this as a very good sign that it has not progressed a lot.  I know that the road ahead is going to be tough, but Carly has shown so much strength and spunkiness in the last couple days especially that I am also more confident that we can beat this thing. She had a couple good drinks, chicken and rice dinner and is resting now, tuckered out from a long day, as the hospital is an hour away.  And we are waiting on our salads to arrive so that we can also head to bed.  The vet gave her an anti-nausea shot while giving chemo and we have some anti nausea and anti-diarrhea meds in case she needs them, but I hope she don’t!  Thank you all for your kind words and responses to my other post about the chemo medication. Time to cuddle with my pup!

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4 comments so far

  1. jerry
    1:01 am - 11-4-2015

    Yipppeee! Here’s to clean lung x-rays and knocking down one chemo! You’ll be done with it before you know it Carly, keep on rockin!

  2. careygram
    4:05 pm - 11-3-2015

    That is awesome news! I am so glad to read that. Patches gets reevaluated at her next appointment. I have my fingers crossed. Happy cuddling!
    Debbie and Patches

  3. linda8115
    10:38 am - 11-3-2015

    So glad to hear this good update! Carly you go girl!
    Linda & Max

  4. benny55
    8:08 pm - 11-2-2015

    And give that snuggle vug a vig cuddle for us!!!!

    Thanks for updating us and we look forward to more great ones!!

    It sounds like your vet is reall.proactive and doing everything possible to make things flawless for Carly. I know everyone has fallen in love with her…I sure have!!!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

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