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Carly's Story

Jan 16

Happy Pup!

Hello everyone. I know it has been a while, but, been busy with life and just enjoying our girl. She had her most recent vet check this past Friday, and we got some heartbreaking news. There is a small 1 cm spot on her left lung. So, this shows the cancer has metastasized. After so many good visits, this one was not expected. But, as soon as the doctor came out without our girl, and called us back to a room, we knew something was up. No matter how much you prepare for that kind of news, it’s never enough. A lot of tears were shed, and I’m thankful for my husband being there, because I couldn’t even really talk about it. He is my rock, and I don’t know what I’d do without him. So, after a bit, we knew we wanted to do something for her, and not just let it take over. So, we are going to try a different type of chemotherapy drug, Chlorambucil. The doctor said that if it was her pet, she would go with this one. We do not want to do any surgery because it’s not going to cure her, it’s just going to get rid of that one spot. There will be more. So, we are waiting on the drug to come from the compound company, so we can get our girl fighting this evil disease again. After we got home, we started thinking more, and we have some questions about this drug. I am reading that we should not come in contact with her feces, urine or saliva. We are okay with all but the last one. Our girl slobbers…and we are always wiping our hands off, or arms, not to mention we have another dog and they share water buckets. Does anyone have any experience with this drug? Curious as to what precautions we should take. One thing is for sure, you sure cannot tell by her actions and mood that she is fighting this disease. She is just as happy and active as usual! Thank you all for your kind words and support, and any information you can provide would be much appreciated.

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  1. bullmastiffmom
    3:23 pm - 1-23-2017

    Hello all. Wanted to update you real quick. We did decide to go ahead with the metronomics. We want to do all we can to make sure our girl is not hurting and is here with us for as long as possible! She is doing well. We had her on Carprofen, but she started having some potty issues, and after checking with the vet, they checked her urine and she has a UTI. So, we have her on antibiotics now too. But, since she has been off of the Carprofen, she has been more like herself, awake, happy, much more active. So, we are going to give that to her as needed, and when she has had a big day. Thank you all for your support and feedback as we continue on our journey!

  2. jerry
    2:42 pm - 1-23-2017

    Hey guys, how is Carly doing? Did you decide to go forward with metronomics? Update us when you can, in the Forums too OK? Hugs to all of you.

  3. benny55
    11:41 pm - 1-16-2017

    This is THE most important thing you said in your post::

    “One thing is for sure, you sure cannot tell by her actions and mood that she is fighting this disease. She is just as happy and active as usual!”

    Carly did not listen to anything the Vet had to say and she certainty didn’t pay ANY attention to any ole’ xray! And Carly does NOT have any timeframe stamped anywhere on her butt!!

    For whatever it’s worth, the Onco my Happy Hannah had, didn’t even mention “staying away from” chemo (Carboplatin in her case). When I saw it mentioned in this site, I asked the Onco about it and she basically dismissed any real danger. She said something along the lines that, unless you played in their feces…well…you get the point! My dogs shared water bowls and my Happy Hannah (a Bull Mastiff) slobbered like a waterfall!

    Obviously I’m not a Vet and this was just her view.

    A suggestion. Yoy might want tomoost in the forums about Carly and the treatment you are doing. There are others who are dealing with mets and doing a variety of “treatments”

    AND, the other IMPORTANT thing, is to BE MORE CARLH!!! NOTHING has changed in her world! She is feeling great and that’s the reality! Carly is a strong vibrant girl! She is an individual and not a statistic! Stay in the present. Let NOTHING interfere with your time together! Carly isn’t gping anywhere anytime soon!

    Sending you lots of hugs and healing energy

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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