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Carly's Story

Sep 17


So blessed for this girl right here. Had her most recent check up on her ampuversary! Things still are looking clear! I get nervous every time we go, afraid of the worst. She has been doing great. Although she did gain a few pounds, so we are working on that. She is still her same old rambunctious self! Loves sitting on her hill in the sun! Love cuddles (as you can see in the picture), and loves her people when she goes to the vet. There is some sores on her back left leg, but they are pressure sores, because when she gets up, she uses that as the main support and it gets the most weight put on it to get up. But, they sent over some cells anyways just to be sure, and the pathologist agreed that it is nothing to be too concerned about. They have her on Carprofen 2 times a day for a week or two and see if that helps. It does look better today. Thank you all for following our story! Time to cuddle!

2 comments so far

  1. linda8115
    10:23 pm - 9-17-2016

    What a beautiful girl Carly is! Congrats sweet girl!

  2. otisandtess
    5:48 pm - 9-17-2016

    Congratulations! Happy 11 month ampuversary!

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