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Carly's Story

Jan 27

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I know it has been a little while. Carly is doing well. She had her 4th round of Carboplatin yesterday, and besides being really tired after the big day, she has done great! She is getting around great although got mad at us when we put up a temporary fence to keep her off the hill in the back yard when we got snow. But, she has adapted!  She has also lost some more weight, and is down to 59 kg. (130 pounds), so, the doctor is very happy about that.  She has been a very happy puppy, getting around great, and is enjoying life! The one doctor that gave her the treatment this time said that she usually only does 5 treatments. Her other doctor said she will do 6 as long as the dog is handling it okay. So, when we go back in a month, we are going to talk to her original doctor and see what she thinks.  Has anyone else ever had this decision to make? In my eyes, if the 6th treatment will help just a little more, I’m all for it. She is doing okay with the treatments so I don’t see any harm in it. Thoughts? I will try to update a little sooner next time! Off to cuddle with my girl!

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  1. jerry
    2:10 pm - 1-30-2016

    WOOOHOOO!!! What a great update. Please don’t beat yourself up for not being here, you are LIVING LIFE with your hero, that’s the most important thing!

    We have a discussion about 4 versus 6 treatments here. Also, don’t forget to go to the Forums, lots of insight and help there too:

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