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Carly's Story

Dec 08


I’m sorry it has been a while since I’ve posted, but, been busy with the holiday’s, working, and spending lots of cuddle time with my girl. Carly’s levels bounced back after waiting another week for the chemo treatment, so, they have decided to keep the level of medicine the same, but just push the treatments to 4 weeks apart instead of 3, to help her body adjust more after each treatment.  The second treatment went well. She was so excited to go and see all the nurses there, they spoil her! We got her home, and she slept the rest of the day. Usually wears her out. Her appetite has been good since. There was one morning, 3 days after treatment, she didn’t finish her breakfast, but other than that, she has scarfed down her food.  I have noticed the last couple days she seems to tire easily.  She will be outside, or even inside, and she will be up for a bit, but then will need to lay down and rest. I’m sure that it’s okay, just worry I’m not doing something right for her. She has not lost anymore weight, but has not gained either, remaining steady at 61 kg.  When I asked the doctor about it, she said ideally, they would like to see her lost about 8-10 pounds. But she seems to be getting along great, so they are not overly concerned, but would still like to see her lost that to ease the pressure on her other joints.  I’ve changed her to a Grain Free Healthy Weight version of the same brand of food. We will see if that makes any difference. She is still getting 3 smaller meals a day, but this does not seem to do much as far as her appetite. But, she is definitely a very happy pup since her surgery, which is nearing 2 months now (on the 13th)!!.  We have been spoiling her.  She enjoyed putting the Christmas tree up, as you can see from the picture above. We’ve gotten her and our other pup Gracie a lot of toys and bones for Christmas already! Just enjoying every minute we have with her, knowing it is a blessing! Well, I will try to do better at updates. Thank you for following Carly’s story!

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  3. jerry
    2:50 pm - 12-9-2015

    Wow two months already? In a lot of ways it seems like longer because she is doing so well and your attitude ROCKS! What a great Christmas this will be for all of you, truly no greater gift than having Carly by your side.

    Hoppy Howlidays! And never, ever feel guilty for not updating. We WANT you to spend time together, not stuck on the computer all day, so go out and play!!!

  4. benny55
    6:23 pm - 12-8-2015

    This makes me sooooo happy!! Good tears of joy glistening in my eyse!!

    Way to rock that chemo Carly! Yeah, it can make some dogs tire out a bit for awhile. Plus, mastering the art of being a tripawd, especially a fron legger, is exhausting!! She’s happy, she’s eating she’s getting spoiled and loved like crazy and that’s what this whole journey is about!!

    Loook at that picture! That is a very happy and content Christmas dog!! Best Christmas card ever!

    My Happy Hannah enjoyed being a bit more on the …hmm…lazy side after her amp. She didn’t feel a great need to do a lot of walking. Lounging around in the sun, catching the scents, or spread out ion the sofa…yeah…that was her definition of quality!

    HAPPY TWO MONTH AMPUVERSARY CARLY! That calls for steak and ice cream! You can always eat your “diet” food tomorrow!

    Looking forward to more great updates AND DELIGHTFULL pictures of this beautiful girl!

    Smooch that adorable mug for me! Hugs to all! Great attitude! Great job of caring for her!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • Anonymous
      7:35 pm - 12-8-2015

      Thank you Benny! It’s so great to get such joyous responses on Carly’s blog. Thank you for sharing in the joy!

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