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Carly's Story

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Sep 17


So blessed for this girl right here. Had her most recent check up on her ampuversary! Things still are looking clear! I get nervous every time we go, afraid of the worst. She has been doing great. Although she did gain a few pounds, so we are working on that. She is still her same old rambunctious self! Loves sitting on her hill in the sun! Love cuddles (as you can see in the picture), and loves her people when she goes to the vet. There is some sores on her back left leg, but they are pressure sores, because when she gets up, she uses that as the main support and it gets the most weight put on it to get up. But, they sent over some cells anyways just to be sure, and the pathologist agreed that it is nothing to be too concerned about. They have her on Carprofen 2 times a day for a week or two and see if that helps. It does look better today. Thank you all for following our story! Time to cuddle!

Jul 16

Well, was trying to add a new picture of our girl, but that will have to wait. Had another 2 month check up, and we are still blessed to have her clear of any of that nasty stuff. We can’t be any more thankful to continue to enjoy life with our Tripawd! I will admit, she has had some moments that scared me, like stumbling…but then she gets outside on her hill and will just run and play like she has all of her legs. It continues to amaze me how she had adjusted and most importantly how happy she is. That’s the most important thing to us….we want her to enjoy life and that is exactly what she has been doing. We will continue to have 2 month check ups and pray they continue to be clear! I love all the care and attention she gets at the vet, and she loves all her people too! Well, that’s all for now. Will work on getting that picture up! Thank you all for following our girl’s story!

May 22


What a wonderful birthday we had! We went to the vet for her 2 month check up since her last chemo treatment, and X-ray’s were clear of mestasis! She is in good health, and in great spirits!  The doctor’s were actually fighting over who would get to take care of her when we took her! She is such a trooper!! Got a new bone, had a pupcake, got a nap in, and then spent some time on her hill! We are enjoying every moment we have with our girl!! Thank you all for your support and encouragement. It means the world to know Carly has a bigger fan club!!

Apr 08

20160317_210927 20160317_110313


Hello everyone. Yes, I know it has been quite a while since I’ve posted an update, but had a lot of personal things going on so haven’t had time, nor have I been in the right mindset. But, here I am now! Carly is doing great! She had her last chemo treatment a month ago, and is in her “eating like a horse after chemo” week.  She has lost weight, is down to 59 kg., which is good. She was actually down to 58, which was almost too thin if you ask me, so we upped her food some and now she seems stable. She’s very anxious to be able to get on her hill now that the weather is clearing. So, I think this weekend my husband and I are going to set her free. There is still no other signs of things progressing, so we are so thankful for that. We had a little scare a couple weeks ago. We noticed a bump on her back right leg, but it was an open sore. Turns out it was just callus from where she is laying on that side more, and she just licked it raw. Gave her antibiotics and she is healed up nicely. Other than that, things are great! Love spending time with her…cuddling is a favorite pass time for her now too…which works out great for us! 🙂  I will try to update a little more often. She goes back for a check up in another month, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that all stays good! Here is some updated pics of Ms. Carly Mia!


Jan 27

I know it has been a little while. Carly is doing well. She had her 4th round of Carboplatin yesterday, and besides being really tired after the big day, she has done great! She is getting around great although got mad at us when we put up a temporary fence to keep her off the hill in the back yard when we got snow. But, she has adapted!  She has also lost some more weight, and is down to 59 kg. (130 pounds), so, the doctor is very happy about that.  She has been a very happy puppy, getting around great, and is enjoying life! The one doctor that gave her the treatment this time said that she usually only does 5 treatments. Her other doctor said she will do 6 as long as the dog is handling it okay. So, when we go back in a month, we are going to talk to her original doctor and see what she thinks.  Has anyone else ever had this decision to make? In my eyes, if the 6th treatment will help just a little more, I’m all for it. She is doing okay with the treatments so I don’t see any harm in it. Thoughts? I will try to update a little sooner next time! Off to cuddle with my girl!